Wheel of Wellness


The core of our Wheel of Wellness Programme is based on friendship, relationships, involvement in community and other activities which give a sense of belonging and ownership. These principles are commonly known as Social Cohesion. Vassall Senior Citizens Association CiC uses its Wheel of Wellness approach as a benchmark for improved quality of life based on a process which involves biological, psycho-social and spiritual dimensions.


Secondary research from Lambeths' Positive Ageing Strategy, found that reducing social isolation and lonliness was key as important factors in improving health, well-being and quality of life.


Those of high risk of social isolation were found to be older people on low incomes, those unable to afford the cost of transport and leisure activities.


Older people living on their own constitute  40%  of the people at 65+  older people with a disability or a long term health condition.


We will improve the lives of those older people who are lonely and isolated by outcomes that provide:

  • Better physical resistence to diseases.
  • Sustain mental faculties.
  • Teach older people to cope better with pain management.
  • Encourage meetings and socialising with peers.