To be well in old age needs a supporting culture in which to grow old. VASCA provides a foundation for older people to enjoy their latter life and aims to contribute to a better quality of life, mentally, emotionally and physically.




  • Supporting people to be more in control of their health and have a greater say in their own care.
  • Assisting people to live independently and know what to do when things go wrong.
  • Encouraging the local community to support one another.
  • Safeguarding that primary care services are consistently excellent and with an increased focus on prevention.
  • Facilitating the delivery of services that meet the same high quality standard whenever, wherever care is provided.



  • Provision of a regular meeting space for service users.
  • Provision of Massage to help alleviate chronic pain, increase mobility in the joints and reduce stress levels.
  • Weekly Tai Chi gives access to regular exercise which assists with the promotion of a better quality of life.